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The true gift

There are all kinds of activities which target youth, and could attract children and teenagers, be it music or sports or whatever else. By the way, all these activities are a part of the current work. One is not more important than the other. One of the long-term members of our Rainbows team has developed the idea of workshop because it clicked with the youth. Some children would come only for the workshop of one other part of the programme but we don’t allow that. Team members who would want to develop other regular activities are very welcome to do so. It is still one of the “gift wrappings” for the real present “The good news about Jesus” which is presented to the children. Just how this present is wrapped you can read in the following article...


As mentioned on the VISION page there are meetings with the Rainbows team and the leaders and workers of the churches where we decide what will be the theme for the coming season and which programme items will be involved. The practical side, like stage props, special games, workshop necessities or Power Point presentations and film are prepared ahead of the start of the activity. This happens mainly in the Rainbows workshop in the YWAM basement.


Since closing the centre the fixed expenses like rent etc have gone down, so there was more available for the direct support of the children/youth work in the churches. Wherever possible the churches share in the cost but not all churches can free up budget for this. The main room and workshop are rented for a small sum of money from YWAM. Of course an amount was spent on furnishing and equipping the storage facility, as will be for maintenance and renovation of the place.


The 10-15 workers of the Calvario youth group and a smaller number from the Manantial church are involved more and more in the preparation of the activities. This we do by means of workshops in their church or in our basement where the workers learn to make some of the more complicated crafts for themselves so that they are more able to instruct the children and youth and help them better. Some of the crafts pose such a challenge to the workers that they want to make them but there is no time during the actual programme because the children need to be taught. Preparing them in this way makes it fun for both workers and children.

Why 2x His

The name 2x His comes from the craft ‘the sail boat’ and the theme story that you can read on the crafts page. The story in short is this: The boy makes a model boat that is blown away by the wind when he tries it out. It seems to be lost. Much later he finds his boat in a shop window but he has to pay a high price to buy it back. This is a beautiful image of what happened to us. God the creator made us but we drifted away from Him. Jesus has bought us back with His precious blood.

God the Creator

In past years of organising children’s clubs we have noticed that crafts take up a pretty large part of the programmes. These crafts vary from very simple to fairly complicated. The children love doing them all and it expresses the creative character of God the Creator. Usually the crafts will emphasize the theme of the club programme but this is not always the case. If you look around at the crafts table you get the distinct impression that God must have enjoyed creating, seeing the original shape and colour ideas. Sometimes it is just fun to be creative!

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Slide show:  “Volunteers in the workshop”

Crafts kits

In the period before the start of various activities we prepare around 30 craft kits for 2 to 3 different age groups (ages 3-5, 5-10 and 10-16) We also try to have some crafts kits in amounts of 30-50 ready-to-go, for the next church where the same programme and the same crafts will be used. This is something where short-term volunteers could step in and help.

2x His aims...

To equip churches with:

  • Challenging crafts with a theme.
  • Training for church workers about planning activities and logistics for large groups of children
  • Help in supplying materials
  • Lending and exchanging tools, games and stage/decor attributes
  • The exchange of programme ideas on a web site.

Exchange bank

In the future we would like to see churches exchange workers and tools from certain programmes they have done before. Rainbows could function as mediator for this. We also plan to build a website where crafts are shown in detail with explanation, with possibility to receive ideas and information from third parties.

One of the kids working with a coping saw

Workers from Calvario youth group learn to make a craft themselves in our basement workshop.

Well, maybe you cannot preach to a kid but you can help him drill a hole in Jesus name, like here in Calvario Church...


The van with trailer are regularly used to transport larger supply items, workers and youth.

Part of the workshop with the stairs to the office in the attic


The office built in the attic of the workshop

Storage racks with materials in the large storage facility


The basement

Since closing the centre Arco Iris in June 2007 we use a workshop in the basement of the YWAM base in Torrejón de Ardoz near Madrid, where most of the inventory of the centre is stationed now. It is there where we prepare the practical side of the activities which take place in the different churches. This work with its workshop has become an integrated project that benefits the other churches and is called ‘Twice His’. This page explains how it was developed and what is involved in the work...

Tool bank

We have a growing supply of basic tools for the various workshop activities that are a part of the programme that the Rainbows team organizes together with the churches for large groups of children. These are tools like hammers, coping saws, various types of pliers, soldering irons, glue guns etc. These tools can be lent out to churches that want to put on a workshop activity on their own. This way they do not have to strain their budget by buying tools that will only be used a couple of times a year.

Workshop and office

Within the large basement we built a separate workshop with an office, mainly because the large basement can be very cold in winter (around the freezing mark). It is all very basic, but compared to what the space used to be it is a huge improvement. In the workshop are all the tools that are used to prepare the crafts and manufacturing the stage and decor attributes, as well as material for improvement of the workshop itself and for general maintenance. The office is equipped with a computer with internet connection, which is used to find and develop new ideas for crafts and the necessary paperwork like inventory and cost calculations. Also the manuals and examples of formerly used crafts and programmes for later use find their place here.

Storage facility

The basement doubles as storage facility where a growing amount of material has its home, like all kinds of basic craft materials, materials for decor and stage backgrounds, computer parts, material for open air activities as well as large objects that are used infrequently and large numbers of basic tools for the children. We use recycled material wherever possible. Having adequate storage saves much time because looking for the right materials can be time consuming. We can and will buy new tools and materials new if absolutely needed. The basement is equipped with large garage doors which gives us the possibility to drive the van into the basement and load up dry, no matter the weather. Also our covered trailer which we use for transporting larger attributes for outdoor activities is safely parked inside.


How can you help?

If you want to pray for this project, would like to support the project or want to come to work with Rainbows just write an e-mail to

2 people pray regularly for this project.

Please send an e-mail if you are praying or want to pray for this project. We can send you more details to pray for and by showing the number of people praying, encourage prayer for those projects less covered by prayer.


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