1. Torrejon de Ardoz

n Torrejón de Ardoz the team consists of some long and short-term workers with Spanish volunteers. Currently they work together in various projects with local churches.

As already reflected in our vision, we believe in teamwork not independent but in full cooperation with Christians of local churches where possible. The church community is God's family on earth and His best tool to demonstrate to the spectators who He is.

Two teams

Currently, the Rainbows of Hope team is divided into two teams in two regions in Spain. One team in Torrejón de Ardoz, 30 km north east of Madrid, and the other team in Galicia.

Teaming Up with the Church


2. Galicia

n Northern Spain, a beginning team since september 2015.

Would you like to work with Rainbows?

The Rainbows of Hope Spain team hopes that this site gives a reasonable impression of the type of work that is involved and that the situations described on these pages will give an idea of what you can expect if you would like to come and work with Rainbows Spain. Below you’ll find some more information.

Help & Training 

In addition to the permanent ROH workers there is a variable number of part-time workers, missionary workers, short-term workers and volunteers from several Spanish churches to strengthen the team each with his or her own gifts and experience. Over the years, there have been a lot of short termers and volunteers that worked for a longer or shorter period with the children´s club or other activities.

A number of long term workers, who came to Spain for other ministries, worked with the children clubs and other activities during their first period in Spain of language study and cultural adaptation. 

Who O who?

t is not easy to sketch a profile of a person who would be in the right place in the Rainbows team. But here are at least some ideas:

  • Children's workers: preferably with some experience in working with non christian kids and young people.
  • People to work with the families: friendship-style, who enjoy working with different cultures.
  • Support workers: office, maintenance, prayer, research...
  • Useful talents: crafts, music, theatre, computer (software/hardware)

For further information on the different jobs, level of language needed and the kind of people we are looking for, please contact us by email:       rohspain@gmail.com


These handbooks are for new long- and short- term workers coming to work in Spain. They provide information about daily life in Spain and how to go about. Not only use full for the workers them self but also for those interested in the missionaries like for example, support groups. You can have a look behind the scenes and see what is needed to prepare your self and  to read something about the perils of a new mission worker.


Downlaod de "New Workers Manual"


A team from Scotland performs a sketch in the park nearby the former center

Binnenkort beschikbaar...

Short term mission

It is an ideal place for “on the job training€ť for short-term mission workers and Spanish volunteers and to practice the Spanish language.  The children have a lot of patience with the often-made language errors. Sometimes a whole team would come for a few days to participate in some of the programs or to do practical work.

Rainbows has a flat available where some workers can possibly stay. For shorter actions, we can often arrange accommodation in the base of YWAM against payments per person per night. The best period for a short term mission is from September to June. In the summer many people go away and there are few activities in the churches.


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