Overview of activities

u Youth club program "Aqui Cabemos Todos" every two weeks (two age groups)
u Three times a week homework help
u Vacation Bible School in the church building with about 40 children
u   Some of the teens were taken to a Christian hip-hop concert in Madrid
u   During the 2 years some of the teens participated in summer camps

Project 1: “Aqui Cabemos Todos”

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Since January 2006, Karen Morris (Canada-WEC/ROH) works with the "Calvario" church and its youth group in regular activities with children and young people from the neighborhood of San Jose in Torrejon de Ardoz. It is a district near the train station where many immigrants from South America, Eastern Europe and North and West Africa live.

Sample funcion

Was previously center "Arco Iris" the sample of what God could do in other places, currently the project "Aqui Cabemos Todos" (Room For Everyone Here) will serve as a good sample of what God can do in other churches.

Like before in the Center presently volunteers from other churches can participate for a while and convey the vision and ideas to their own church...

Work out the vision

What has been written in the vision statement and work approach you see worked out here in practice. The "Calvario" church itself had already a vision to reach out to the teens of the neighbourhood and the youth group of the church thus went to work. Only later did they invite the Rainbows of Hope team to come support them  for a certain time.

This Rainbow Team was composed in January 2007 and  consists of Karen Morris and Sjaak & Mija Regoord and various short term workers. Rainbows is mainly involved in the youth program "Aqui Cabemos Todos" while Karen as a WEC / Rainbows worker and church member is involved in almost all activities mentioned here below.

No Sunday school

In the goals and work approach was already indicated that it is not intended to provide a kind of midweek Sunday school but that the program offered up is for children who know virtually nothing of the Bible and don’t know what the Good News is all about. It becomes evident that it is not a Sunday school when you enter during a Saturday afternoon program where billiard balls and chairs can sometimes fly trough the air and at other times fighting boys need to be separated and held apart.

Workers of youth group Calvario church

Teens on top of the Calvario church front

Program Preparations

In a meeting with the Rainbows team and the leaders of the youth workers, the theme and program elements for the coming season are discussed. Attributes for drama or special games, power point presentations, films and crafts are prepared during the period prior to actual event This is done mainly in the workshop of Rainbows in the basement of YWAM. Since December 2007, the 10-15 workers of the youth group of the church are getting more involved in the preparations through workshops where, for example, they first make the some what complicated crafts them self so that these they can give proper instructions and are able to help better.

Sawing and smelting Acrylic glass during Christmas program

One of the playgrounds in front of the church is below a bridge

Church based

Because the ministry is based on the local church and not from a standing alone "center" the integration of these teens into the local church happens almost naturally. Some of them come to the service on Sunday morning but also other activities contribute to further integration into the church. The homework help is very important not only for their development and success in school but also for deepening relation between helpers and teens. The teens who have come to believe get a targeted weekly Bible study and a daily Bible reading schedule back home. Some of them also came to the church youth weekend after which they feel even more part of the church.

 "Aqui Cabemos Todos"

On the actual after noon, the youth workers and their leaders come to the church building about 1 ½ hours in advance to set up and prepare. The program begins with free table games such as billiards,   table tennis, table football, etc. Whenever possible during the whole program you ‘ll hear Spanish Christian hip-hop music like Vico-C.  The younger age group sings some songs of the former "Club de Amigos" and listen to a Bible story with images of a modern children bible or book on the digital projector. They often memorize Bible verses and can win prices with doing so. The (older) teens watch / listen to video clips or short drama / sketches followed with explanations and question and answer or discussion. The crafts work takes a pretty big part of the program to complete. The crafts are often quite complicated and can be a challenge for the teens and even for the youth workers. The kids like to do it while it also gives expression to the creative property of God who is "the Creator". During the program, the "merienda" (snack) is being prepared by the youth workers of the church. They go all to the tables to sit and one or two thank the Lord for the food and drink.

Grabbing the soldering iron on the wrong side has painful consequences ... Psss ..

Forward, backward...

Most of the teens are not very constant. Sometimes they come for a while to the activities or homework help and then not, but they usually show up when they experience real problems. Some of the youngsters have or have had contact with youth gangs and sometimes they get into problems and come in contact with the police. Occasionally, one of the youth workers has to mediated between one of the boys and the police because the parents can not cope. Some times they get involved in street fights with all sorts of consequences. It is sometimes difficult to see that they take two steps fore ward two backward and then again four steps forward. Ongoing they learn that it is a daily choice is to do what God wants or what they like to do them self. It is good to know that progress is being made because God is faithful and He saves them and His work is perfect in their lives.

The logo of “Aqui Cabemos todos” used  sometimes on folders, posters and crafts.

To read an interview with Karen Morris.
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If you want to write a note to Karen or receive her bimonthly newsletter here is her e-mail  morriskaren@lycos.com

Here you find the link to the web-site of the Calvario church (it’s also under construction though)


How can you help?

If you want to pray for this project, would like to support the project or want to come to work with Rainbows just write an e-mail to rohspain@gmail.com

2 people pray regularly for this project.

Please send an e-mail if you are praying or want to pray for this project. We can send you more details to pray for and by showing the number of people praying, encourage prayer for those projects less covered by prayer.

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